The Mustang GT V8

It took a while for the chaps in charge of Driving Seat Orientation at Ford HQ to make the change. But even with over fifty years of the left-hand drive Mustang chanting “USA, USA”, the famous Ford powerhouse still managed to become a household name, eponymous with muscle-car culture the world over. Including us lot here in the UK.

In its latest Anglo-friendly guise, the Mustang packs the all familiar 5.0-litre V8 up front (they’ll also stick a 2.3 four cylinder if your Nan’s after one) that’s now mated to either a six-speed manual or a ten-speed auto.

Adding 25 horses on top of the previous V8’s already impressive grunt brings the 2018 version to a tyre-blending 460bhp. Add to that built-in line-lock functionality, track and drag modes, four exhaust volume settings and you’re in for a hairy chested, noisy, sideways, bright, bold and lairy fastback that turns heads, puts fingers in ears and delights all true muscle car fans.

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